Graduate Packages

Client: “I want to book a Senior Session but I do not know which one?”

Don’t worry I have a couple of different options to choose from. To begin, Graduate sessions are one of my favorites. You will see the “time” for each session, but please do not let that discourage you from scheduling a session. Years ago, I worked at a busy photography studio and have over 10+ years of experience. I can more than likely get multiple poses by getting different angles or slight adjustments to the pose. 

Not sure how to pose? Don’t stress! I got you!  My biggest advice to you is just to have fun! These are your graduation photos! If you feel like being serious and striking a pose DO IT! If you love to laugh, LAUGH! If you have hair in your face, EMBRACE it. Move the hair out of your face while looking away with a smile or serious look. 

Do you freeze in front of the camera? Don’t worry! I talk non-stop while I take your photo and will more than likely say something silly to make you laugh. 

Ok, now let’s talk packages….