The All-Season Senior Collection

The All-Seasons Senior Package is a total of 4 – 20-minute mini sessions combined to give you a total of 70 images. You have 1 Mini Session each season beginning with the Summer, then Fall, then Winter and finally Spring. Each mini includes 1 outfit and 15 images EXCEPT for the Spring Session which includes the cap and gown (if you choose), the outfit underneath and 25 images. You are more than welcome to add an additional outfits to your packages during the time of the booking.

If you are an athlete or would like to include what of your hobbies into one of your sessions, this is completely fine. Just let me know on your sign up questionnaire. You DO NOT have to do themed sessions that agree with the Seasons. Sessions can be 4 minis throughout the year. 

** If you are inquiring after October, this might not be the package for you, BUT the weather is unpredictable SO I like to say “If the grass/trees are green, we can do the Summer session if availability allows.”