Behind the lens

Hello All! My name is Stephanie and I will be your photographer! I have been behind the lens for over 15 years and mostly do photography as a side job.

My love for photography began when I was very young. I went to college for it, but after being told "I was in the wrong college," I decided to pursue other careers. My love photography has never left and instead has grown with the growing advancements of digital cameras.

I recently graduated from Texas Tech University with my Bachelors degree and am working towards obtaining my RN license.

*gallery is from 2021 - current.



“YES!! Hands down, I highly recommend Jaded Lenz. They are timely, kind, caring, professional, and understanding. I appreciate how they embraced my special needs son and let him be himself. They captured amazing memories that I will always treasure. I also LOVE the turnaround time on being able to view and obtain the photos. I will definitely be back! Thanks so much.”